CRC Resources
Department of Cardiorespiratory Care / University of South Alabama   5721 USA Drive, N., HAHN 3137, Mobile, AL  36688

A Lighter Side
   Elephant's Memory
   No Respect
   The Drug Song (R for language)

Airway Management
   Endotracheal intubation (video - hand placement)==
   Laryngeal mask airway insertion
   Suctioning - Tracheotomy
   Suctioning - Nasotracheal
   Vocal Cords

   Alveolar recruitment
   In vivo alveolar mechanics in normal & acutely injuried lung
Breath Sounds
   Audio Samples  (RT Program - East Tennessee State Univ)

Chest Cuirass - biphasic ventilation (Hayek RTX)
   Hayek RTX Chest Cuirass

   12-lead placement Part 1  Part 2 (18+)
   The Six Second ECG (Rhythm recognition)

Heart Sounds
   Audio Samples  (Introduction of Heart Murmurs)

Hemodynamic Monitoring
   Arterial Blood Gas Sampling
   Arterial Line Placement
   Central Venous Catheterization - Subclavian Vein
   Internal Jugular Cannulation

Laboratory Procedures
   Peak Flow Meter (Mayo Clinic)

Lung Pathology
   Lobectomy (simulated)
   Stridor and Retraction (Neonate)

Mechanical Ventilation
   Care of the Ventilated Patients - The New Paradigm (Mark Hershey)
    Ambulating the Ventilated Patient - A Tutorial (Mark Hershey)

Neonatal Assessment
   New Ballard Score

Oxygen Therapy
   H Cylinder Setup Instruction (David Zobeck)
   H Cylinder Setup Instruction with Explanations (David Zobeck)

Product Info
   Eclipse 3 Oxygen Concentrator

Product Safety
   Oxygen Cylinder in MRI Machine (1)
   Oxygen Cylinder in MRI Machine (2) (based on an actual event)
   Oxygen E Cylinder Explosion (mild graphic - blood)

   Lacteral Neck - Croup
   Lacteral Neck - Epiglottitis

Special Procedures
   Chest-Tube Insertion
   Examination of the Larynx and Pharynx
   Intraosseous - sternal (manual) 
   Intraosseous - proximal tibia (mechanical)
   Lumbar Puncture
   Surfactant Administration (Survanta Dosing Video)


Airway Videos
University of Florida Anesthesia (Description and videos of different airways - Aintree, AIRTRAQ, Storz DCI, Bullard, Lighted Stylet, Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy, Upsher Laryngoscope and others) (Out-of-print books, softwares, historical media recordings etc. Also 100's streaming or downloadable Grateful Dead concerts)

Chest X-ray and Radiology
University of Virginia (Interpretation of ICU Chest Film to include lines and tubes; air and fluid in chest)
Loyola University (Chest X-ray Atlas. An "A to Z collection" of actual cases from atelectasis to Wegener's granuloma)  (Thousands of radiologic images published in 249 selected peer-reviewed radiology journals, searchable by findings, anatomy, imaging technique, and patient age and sex)  (A digital library for pediatric radiology)

Clinical Cases (interesting and easy-to-read cases in pulmonology
Pulmonary cases (Loyola University Medical Education Network)

Congenital Heart Disease
Johns Hopkins University (Description of congenital heart diseases and illustrations with "hovering"effect showing normal and abnormal anatomy)

Critical Care Medicine (Introduction to Critical Care and four critical care issues: respiratory failure, shock, renal failure, and sepsis)

Critical Thinking On The Web (So you think you know everything about criical thinking?)

ECG A Pictorial Primer (An easy-to-understand explanation of clinical ECG tracings)
University of Utah School of Medicine (Just about everything you want to learn about ECG; A ton of  ECG tracings and rhythms)

Examination of the Chest and Lungs
University of Florida Medical School (Excellent resources for basic clinical skills and physical exam)

Family Practice Notebooks (Most comprehensive medical coverage. Contains about 5,000 topics divided in 31 books)

Mechanical Ventilation
A Primer on Mechanical Ventilation (An excellent primer by Dr. David Pierson)

Medical Algorithm Project (registration required) (More than 12,500 Searchable Scales, Tools, Assessments, Scoring Systems, and other Algorithms intended for Medical Education and for Biomedical Research

Medicine (Excellent resources with complete topics under "Adult Medicine" to include cardiology, critical care, emergency medicine, and pulmonology)

Medical Images and Illustrations
University of South Carolina - School of Medicine (Many free links and portals to medical images and cases)

Pediatric/Perinatal Pathology Index (disturbing images)
University of Utah (Pathology images of pediatric and perinatal cases)

Reference Desk
Martindale's Reference Desk (Laboratory Tests, Diagnositcs and Protocols Center. Everything that could possibly be done to a patient)

Smoking Cessation
Smoking and Tobacco Use (CDC)
Smoking in children and teens (ALA)
Quit smoking community

Statistical Computing
Types of Data & Measurement Scales: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio  Market Research Man, LLC
Parametric and Nonparametric: Demystifying the Terms (Tanya Hoskin, statistician)
When to Use a Nonparametric Test  (Boston University School of Public Health)